The Perfect Date Night


Its Date night!!! ❤

Its date night and you and your “boothang” have no idea on where to go. If you’re in the Atlanta area, then you’re in luck! Below are 5 Hot Spots to have The Perfect Date Night!

1. Downtown Atlanta

There is so much to choose from in Downtown Atlanta! Whether you’re in the mood for sight seeing or a nice bite to eat, Downtown Atlanta is the perfect place to have have a romantic date night.

2. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is an awesome place to have date night! It is always hosting shows and is home to the Kendeda Canopy Walk, a 600 foot long skywalk that leads visitors to through one of the city’s last remaining urban forests from around 40 feet in the air in the treetops of the Storza Woods.

3. Skyline Park

Skyline park is a rooftop carnival that gives you an amazing view of the city.  Be prepared to release your inner kid with this fun date night idea.

4. Del Frisco’s Grille


5. The Fox Theater 

The historic Fox Theater is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Whether its a theatrical performance or tour, the Fox Theater is the place to go



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